• We welcome this high-level event and the opportunity it offers to bring leading corporate thinking together with academic insight.
    Business today needs to be clear on how it is creating value and how it communicates.
    This conference provides an important opportunity to enhance understanding of how reporting can influence corporate behaviour and investment decisions, leading to better outcomes.

    Paul Druckman
    Paul Druckman, CEO IIRC


In which way organisations search for competitiveness and sustainable growth? How can value be defined, managed and measured? For whom are businesses creating value?

Such questions are of interest to business leaders, investors, regulators, professionals, consultants, academics and citizens – to name a few. The concepts, elements and principles that characterize the way organisations plan, manage and report their annual performances are currently being questioned, debated, and redesigned throughout the world. This is happening as key notions such as capital(s) employed, value creation, and accountability are redefined in practice.

Integrated Thinking and Reporting is making the leap from a promising concept to a powerful practice. Integrated Thinking marks a change in the way companies conceive and report business models and the creation of sustainable value in the short, medium and long term. Integrated Reporting provides a holistic assessment of the organisation in terms of its operations, performance, risks and opportunities to enable a more sustainable management and to enhance value creation in the future.

This conference intends to offer an opportunity to discuss the way in which Integrated Thinking and Reporting are currently practiced, i.e. how organisations can rethink their business models, management processes, accounting tools and reporting solutions, as they strive for both competitiveness and sustainable growth. Moving from the state of the art and the challenges ahead for Integrated Thinking and Reporting, the role of management accountants and, more in general, the finance function will be highlighted and further discussed through the evidence offered by leading adopters.


See you soon in Rome!


Cristiano Busco

Professor at LUISS & Roehampton

Gianfranco Ponti

CEO Mercurio GP


Local Organizing Committee:


Cristiano Busco • Maria Federica Izzo • Fabrizio Granà

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17th November 2016




by Prof. Cristiano Busco (LUISS & Roehampton) and Davide Marinini (DG Mercurio GP) - presentation of the "Leading Reports Exhibition®" concept Alessia Castiglioni (Mercurio GP)


Institutional Greetings and Talks

  • Prof. Giovanni Fiori (Director of LUISS Governance and Sustainability Research Center)
  • 2 speeches by CIMA (Tony Manwaring ) and UN-SDSN (Prof. Angelo Riccaboni )


First Plenary Session
"Integrated Thinking & Reporting in practice: state of the art, challenges and opportunities ahead" Chaired by Prof. Cristiano Busco (LUISS & Roehampton) Participants:

  • Claudine Blamey (Crowne Estate) with Alan McGill (PwC)
  • Prof. Carol Adams (Durham University)
  • Leigh Roberts (Integrated Reporting Committee - South Africa)
  • Sven Lunsche (Gold Fields)
  • Bob Laux (Microsoft)
  • Marianne de Bie (Schiphol Airport) and Wim Bartels (KPMG)


Coffee Break


Second Plenary Session
"Value and return of the Integrated Report. A new way to communicate companies' strategies" Chaired by Paolo Bacciga (Fideuram - Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking) Participants:

  • Sara Lovisolo (London Stock Exchange Group - Borsa Italiana)
  • Guglielmina Onofri (CONSOB)
  • Giulio Lombardi (Fitch Rating)
  • Prof. Giovanni Fiori (LUISS & UBI Banca)
  • Giampaolo Trasi (Banca IMI)
  • Marco Maffei (KPMG)


Institutional Talks

  • Rossana Revello (Confindustria) - 10 minutes
  • Neil Stevenson (IIRC) - 20 minutes
  • 15min Q&A


Networking and Lunch Buffet


First Parallel Sessions by Industries
where organizations present their experiences, opportunities and challenges of practising Integrated Thinking and Reporting - 4 speakers of 15 minutes each and Q&A.

  • INSURANCE: chaired by Prof. Alessandro Lai (University of Verona)

    • Generali (Annamaria Bradamante) with Tagetik (Marco Mattei);
    • Aegon (Neil Smith);
    • Liberty (Jeff Hubbard);
    • Delta Lloyd (Meike Proost).

  • ENERGY: chaired by Prof. Martin Messner (University of Innsbruck, Austria)

    • Terna (Cosimo Guarini & Fulvio Rossi);
    • Snam (Antonella Valentino & Lorenza Barsanti);
    • Gold Fields (Sven Lunsche );
    • Sasol (Stiaan Wandrag).
  • PUBLIC SECTOR: chaired by Paolo Bersani (Partner, PWC)

    • The Crowne Estate (Claudine Blamey );
    • University of Edinburgh (Phil McNaull);
    • FIGC (Michele Uva );
    • CONI (Teresa Zompetti).


Second Parallel Sessions by Industries
where organizations present their experiences, opportunities and challenges of practising Integrated Thinking and Reporting - 4 speakers of 15/20 minutes each and Q&A.

  • BANKING: chaired by Prof. Chiara Mio (University of Venice, Italy)

    • Fideuram (Paolo Bacciga );
    • ABN Amro (Tjeerd Krumpelman);
    • Barclays SA (Nola Richards);
    • DBS Bank (Mikkel Bilyk Larsen).
  • INDUSTRIAL/SERVICES: chaired by Alan McGill (Partner, PWC UK)

    • Siemens (Jochen Schweitzer);
    • Interserve (Laura Spiers);
    • Leonardo-Finmeccanica (Raffaella Luglini & Manuel Liotta);
    • Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane S.p.A. (Lorenzo Radice);
    • Ansaldo STS (Andrea Razeto).
  • NOT-LISTED: chaired by Prof. Lino Cinquini (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa)

    • Estra (Francesco Macrì );
    • Despar (Raffaele Trivellato );
    • Monnalisa (Sara Tommasiello) with Alessandro Saviotti (Knowità).


Wine Reception at the "Leading Reports Exhibition®"

18th November 2016


(Prof. Cristiano Busco, LUISS & Roehampton)


Philippe Peuch-Lestrade, IIRC - "Added Value and Materiality in Integrated Reporting"


Prof. Carol Adams (Duhram University) - "Integrated Thinking and Reporting: evidence from the field"


Neil Stevenson, IIRC - "Introducing the Academic Network"


Open Discussion as Professionals meet with Academics - "Researching Integrated Thinking and Reporting: challenges, opportunities, and possible ways ahead" (points of views offred by Prof. Martin Messner, Prof. Lino Cinquini, Prof.ssa Chiara Mio, Prof. Alessandro Lai, Prof.ssa Ariela Caglio, Leigh Roberts, Sven Lunsche, Bob Laux, Laura Spiers, Neil Smith, Jeff Hubbard, Stiaan Wandrag, Tjeerd Krumpelman, Nola Richards, and Mikkel Larsen).


Coffee Break


Parallel Sessions 1:
Timetable Room 204 Room 203 Room 308
Assurance Integrated Thinking and Reporting in Practice Implementing Integrated Reporting within organizations
12:00-12:30 Title: Understanding Assurance on Integrated Reporting Autors: John Dumay, Dale Tweedie, Paola Demartini, Miriam Corrado Title: Integrated reporting and accountability in practice: Case insight from the insurance sector Autors: Alessandro Lai, Gaia Melloni, Riccardo Stacchezzini Title: Because change happens! Analyzing the change agent at work in legitimizing Integrated Reporting Autors: Daniela Argento, Francesca Culasso, Elisa Truant
12:30-13:00 Title: The case for banks to provide more disclosures on innovation and R&D initiatives Autors: Mikkel Larsen Title: Practice what you preach: The link between Integrated Reporting, Integrated Thinking and performance Autors: Caglio Ariela, Gaia Melloni Title: Board and integrated reporting: which influences? Autors: Simona Alfiero, Francesco Venuti, Ruggiero Doronzo, Alfredo Esposito
13:00-13:30 Title: Integrated Reporting : Analysis on the assured information Autors: Maria Albertina Barreiro Rodrigues, Ana Isabel Morais Title: Linking Integrated Reporting practices to management control systems: a case study Autors: Maria Serena Chiucchi, Marco Montemari and Jessica Bontempi




Parallel Sessions 2:
Timetable Room 204 Room 203 Room 308
Public Sector Connectivity of Information Integrated Reporting and the role of Analysts
14:30-15:00 Title: Open your mind towards integrated thinking: Experiences in Italian Public Sector Organisations Autors: James Guthrie, Francesca Manes-Rossi, Rebecca L. Orelli Title: The role of the Integrated Report in aligning corporate communication with investors and other stakeholders' needs: A research project Autors: Riccardo Stacchezzini, Alessandro Lai, and Francesca Rossignoli Title: Does greater disclosure of information on CSR performance improve analysts' forecast accuracy? Autors: Jan-Frederic Schulz
15:00-15:30 Title: Translations within networks of practice: A case-study of the pursuit of Integrated Reporting in the public sector Autors: Amanda Sonnerfeldt, Caroline Aggestam Title: How do companies connect information in Integrated Reporting? An exploratory analysis with a text mining approach Autors: Barnabè Federico, Supino Enrico, Busco Cristiano, Giorgino Maria Cleofe Title: Integrated reporting, firm performance and analysts' recommendations: An analysis of STOXX 600 firms Autors: Malafronte Irma, Pereira John, Starita Maria Grazia, Cristiano Busco
15:30-16:00 Title: Corporate Governance and Integrated Reporting in South Africa. What's new after the release of Corporate Governance Code Draft King IVTM Report? Autors: Federica Doni, Silvio Bianchi Martini, Antonio Corvino Title: Study of the inter-relations among Corporate Environmental Performance, Environmental Disclosures, Financial Performance, and Risk Autors: Amama Shaukat, Grzegorz Trojanowski






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