Linda M. Sama

Dr. Sama earned a Ph.D. in Strategic Management as well as a Masters in Philosophy from Baruch-CUNY after a lengthy career in industry.  She also holds an MBA in International Finance from McGill University, and a BA in French and Mathematics from The University of Albany.  Her doctoral dissertation addressing the twin impact of governance mechanisms and strategic slack on corporate social response strategies earned her the 1999 Lasdon Dissertation Award.  Her research has resulted in the publication of over 80 articles, proceedings papers and book chapters that address issues of corporate social responsibility, business and the natural environment, integrative social contracts theory, and global business ethics dilemmas in the new economy.  Most recently, her research has focused on the connections between micro-lending and women empowerment, sustainability, religiosity, food security, and post-conflict resolutions in the developing world’s Base of Pyramid (BoP) markets.

In her capacity as Associate Dean, Dr. Sama works with faculty and students to encourage global learning and assessment.  She founded the GLOBE (Global Loan Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs) microloan academic program at TCB, a student-managed micro-credit fund and experiential learning initiative that has introduced students to microfinance as practiced in some of the world’s most impoverished communities, and earned her the Academy of Management’s Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award in 2012, the University’s Vincentian Mission Award in 2015, and the AACSB Entrepreneurship Spotlight Challenge Award in 2017. Dr. Sama spearheaded the college’s decision to become a signatory of the U.N. PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) initiative in 2011, serves as the PRME liaison, and serves on the board of the newly inaugurated North American PRME regional chapter. As an outgrowth of the PRME initiative, she launched the TCB Center for Global Business Stewardship (CGBS), and acts as its Executive Director, hosting the International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference every three years, and coordinating faculty development workshops with the named Center Fellows to promote and feature research that casts business as a vehicle for positive social change.