Massimo Romano

Massimo is an "evangelist" of Integrated thinking and reporting.

In the last 12 years Massimo has evolved his role in the financial reporting area starting as project manager of the IFRS implementation in Generali Group. Currently he is program leader of "Galileo", a global multi years transformation program of the CFO finance platform, focused on streamlining the reporting process, improving the global disclosure of the Group and leveraging the best IT solutions.

Massimo is also active in some international working groups on corporate reporting issues: he is the chair of the Steering Committee of the CFO Forum, a high-level discussion group formed by the major European listed insurance companies. In 2014 he set up and co-chaired with Aegon the Insurance Business Network under the IIRC to spread the "gospel" of Integrated reporting and thinking among the Insurance Sector.

In 1994 Massimo graduated (Summa Cum laude) in Economics and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Italy in 1996. Born in 1971, Massimo lives in Italy with his wife & three kids.