Lino Cinquini

Lino (PhD) is currently Professor of Management Accounting and Business Administration the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies) of Pisa.
His research areas are Management Accounting, Cost management, Strategic Management Accounting, Performance measurement in private and public sector, and Accounting History. Issues of main interest are measurements for decision making and control in business, namely costs and performance measures, with a particular focus on the development of cost management systems (ABC, ABM) and the links of financial with non-financial information for process improvement and value creation. He published articles in international journals such as Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change, Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management, The British Accounting Review, Journal of Management and Governance, books and book chapters by Palgrave, Springer and Routledge and papers in several national and international workshops and conferences. Since 2006 has been co-editor of the “Journal of Management and Governance”, Editor-in-Chief since 2016. He is currently a member of the Editorial Board of “Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change” and “Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management”.